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Wanderlust Glam: Navigating Beauty Travel Essentials for Every Destination





From the sweeping plains of the Serengeti to the bustling streets of Tokyo, every destination has its own unique culture. That doesn’t just include the people and places you see while abroad, but also the beauty trends and routines that bring your journey to life. Whether you’re dreaming up a safari adventure in Africa, wanting to experience a new winter wonderland, or daydreaming of an island escape, this ultimate guide to Wanderlust Glam will have you set for wherever your heart desires.

1. Packing for Wanderlust with Glamorous Panache

All of us dream of that perfect holiday getaway. But do not forget the woes of packing right! With fashionista’s all around the world packing with panache on their luxurious getaways is a must. Here are some tips and tricks to help you curate a capsule wardrobe for your vacation.

  • Choose a colour pallet: Focusing on a few neutrals that mix and match easily is the right way to whittle down your oversized wardrobe.
  • Take less: Packing light not only reduces stress but also reduces your baggage costs.
  • Function comes first: Narrow down your list to items you can use multiple times in your holiday destination.

Versatile clothing can be dressed up or down to look glitzy and glamorous without having to take exorbitant pieces with you. A jumpsuit is an obvious choice for such needs. It can be used casually during beach walks or jazzed up with a simple wrap around scarf adding a dash of chic to your look.

Go light on accessories: Instead of a suitcase full of jewellery, pick one or two staple pieces that you can use with every outfit. A dainty watch to add a touch of glam and a statement ring to give a personal edge to your evening looks are all you need.

Special occasion dressing: The key is in smart layering. Instead of taking separate garments for each individual look, try creating a few statement pieces. Packing separates along with interchangeable additions will allow you to play with your wardrobe. Cover-up tunics, shrugs and accessories will go perfectly well with the dress for the evening you may have already taken.

The right attire: Picking clothes that suit the terrain you are travelling to is also important. Multiple layers of lighter clothing will keep you warm and a perfect jacket can instantly dress you up for any event.

2. Beauty Travel Essentials to Keep You Looking Fabulous

No matter your destination, looking good on vacation can be easier than you think! With the right beauty travel essentials you can maintain your look anywhere you go.


  • Facial cleanser – to keep your skin clean and make-up free
  • Facial toner – to refresh your skin and hydrate throughout the day
  • Moisturiser – to maintain that subtle dewy look
  • Sunscreen – essential for beach getaways or outdoor activities in the sun
  • Tinted moisturiser – to give your skin a natural, light-coverage base to your vacation look

Make Up
Before you go, make sure you plan out which make-up items you will need and how you will store them. Preparing your make-up items ahead of time can save you time and space in your bag.

  • Concealer – to even skin tone
  • Mascara – to define and lengthen your eyes
  • Eyeshadow – for statement eyes
  • Lipstick – to complete your no-makeup look
  • Make-up brushes – to perfectly blend every product

If you’re after a beauty boost, how about keeping these handy?

  • Travel-sized hairspray – for keeping hair in place during sightseeing, adventures, or parties
  • Make-up wipes – to quickly and effectively remove make-up after the day
  • Hair-treatment oil – to soften your hair in humid climates

So, to ensure you look great wherever you go, make sure you pack these beauty travel essentials in your suitcase and you won’t have to worry about your look!

3. Bite-size Tips for Navigating Beauty on the Move

Living life on the go doesn’t have to mean sacrificing our beauty routine! Here are our top tips for maintaining your look, even when time is tight:

  • Keep it simple: A few basic products are all you need for an effortless look. Sticking to a tried-and-true moisturiser, foundation, and eye makeup is all you need to get the job done without fussing.
  • Build a go-to look: Don’t re-invent the wheel each morning, save yourself time by settling on a signature look you can easily repeat. Go for a classic lip, a certain blush, and a trusty mascara – then you can get out the door in no time!
  • Grab a compact: When you’re feeling pressed for time, opt for a tiny compact that holds all the essentials. Keep it slick, sleek, and simple, and you can apply makeup on the go with ease.
  • Stay stocked: Always tote certain beauty necessities wherever you go. Pack a bottle of moisturiser, portable blotting papers, and a dependable perfume, so you can always freshen up on the run.
  • Know when to relax: Feeling overwhelmed can zap the joy out of any beauty routine. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to looking our best; a bit of flexibility allows us to go with the flow instead.
  • Keep quality in sight: You don’t need to break the bank for a mobile makeover. Invest in products that span the seasons, and you’ll score quality at a great value.

With a little ingenuity and a few beauty staples, we can look our absolute best even when time is of the essence. Keeping these tips in mind, you have the tools you need to stay chic on the go.

4. Taking Glam to the Next Level: Sustainability in Beauty Travel

Take sustainability to the next level with your beauty travel – opt for conscious and considerate options while enjoying all the glamour your destination has to offer.

Starting with your mode of transportation, try to look for an eco-travel service provider for your journey. Planning to rent a car? Look for hybrids and electric vehicles from the rental service. If you are flying, offset your flight emissions by booking with airlines that use sustainable fuel and advocating for sustainable travel.

When you reach your destination, consider your lifestyle choices. Try to minimise your footprint by staying at eco-hotels that use sustainable practices and energy-saving techniques. To truly minimise your environmental impact, you can also participate in eco-tourism activities that use natural resources responsibly.

  • Invest in eco-friendly beauty products
  • Pack sustainable
  • Say no to single-use plastics

Eco-friendly beauty products are available at almost every beauty destination. Don’t forget to carry your reusable shopping tote or buy a piece of sustainable carry bag from the local shop. On the same account, opt for products that have natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and free from toxins. You can also look for swaps like reusable cotton rounds and replaceable brushes for your beauty essentials.

Finally, do your homework and know the products you must avoid. Research on responsible seals and choose eco-responsible options wherever possible. Beauty travel can be an ethical, sustainable and luxurious experience with a few simple steps. Glam up, ladies!

Eager to embark on your next destination? Make sure you come prepared with the essentials- your beauty travel essentials that is. With Wanderlust Glam at your disposal, you can confidently journey around the world with the right products to keep your beauty routine in check. Now, bon voyage!

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